What is Product Configuration


Product Configuration software, otherwise known in the industry as CPQ (or Configure Price Quote) is a class of enterprise application solutions that facilitate the custom order process for discrete manufactures. The workflow of quoting, ordering, manufacturing and fulfilling customer orders crosses many departments, disciplines, and resources. When implemented correctly, CPQ can transform a complex workflow into a collaborative and visible process that captures value in offering customers product variations.


Product configuration is the system of customizing product for a specific customer order.


·       Create value through product variation

·       Simplify order entry

·       Reduce option and pricing maintenance

·       Save engineering time by reducing BOM maint.

·       Increase order accuracy and Reduce RMA

·       Dealer Order Entry and Interest Capture

·       Cloud or on premise deployment

·       Elegant user interface for easy usability

·       Material and inventory management

·       Advanced planning & scheduling

·       Role-based information

·       Customer management


RenaissanceTech is an Infor Channel Partner focused on the sale, service and support of CPQ solutions.  Our team has implemented CPQ with more than 150 manufacturers across the US and in 20+ countries. 


“We really appreciate the effort RenaissanceTech puts toward our projects and the timely responses to any concerns we have. We have a long established relationship and will continue to use RenaissanceTech in the future. ”

— Courtney Bozarth, Hartson-Kennedy


“RenaissanceTech has been a partner of ours since our first upgrade to BuyDesign 8.0 nearly four years ago. Since then they’ve been instrumental in developing configuration solutions in our highly customizable and fast changing boat lines. They’ve gotten to know our products, and provided valuable insights into how we can set up and maintain our complex environment in the easiest and most efficient manner possible. All while being responsive, pleasant and patient! ”

— Bret Kramer, Smoker Craft Inc.


 “I was thoroughly impressed with RenaissanceTech’s ability to deliver a robust product in such a short time. A solution was provided for every challenge that was presented. Ben’s knowledge, reliability, effective communication, and great attitude made our project a success. RenaissanceTech is everything you would expect when you require top-notch services. It was truly one of my better experiences. ”

— Rodney Chlebek, Godfrey Marine


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